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TBS awards 2007 HYD 2 NG scenes

I uploaded the HYD 2 parts only..~ if you want to watch the other NG's of other dramas...the links are posted as well...:)
In this TBS awards Abe Hiroshi also annouced the filming locations of the HYD movie!(^--^)V

Inoue Mao is soooo cute!*____*

it takes too long for a piccu..XD

BUT hurry with watching..coz I'm sure it will be deleted soon becoz of copyright and please don't ask me for uploading it on a MU or internet connection at the moment is really slow..

HYD Tokyo Friend Park 2, Papa to Musume, Utahime, Karei nari Ichizoku, Tokkyu Tanaka

Papa to Musume, Utahime, Yamada Taro
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