yuuko (knightofend) wrote in hanayoridango,

Role Play Add!

I'm looking for a role play! DoumyoujixTsukushi, actually.
I recently rewatched the Jdrama and am looking to play Tsukushi for a Doumyouji. In the past, I have played Doumyouji, but this time, I think I want to play Tsukushi. I can also play Rui, Sojirou and Akira if need be.
I'll be rereading the manga probably while we role play, so don't think I'm a complete derp just yet. I also have previously watched the anime.

Things I'm looking for in a role play partner:
+ A Mature partner (My role plays sometimes includes sex, etc, etc. I'd prefer if you were at least 17+)
+ A flexible plotter (I like doing many role plays part of one universe)
+ Not adverse to AUs
+ Someone who values quality over quantity
+ Someone that I could have fun with and become friends with!
+ Someone with AIM or MSN (If need be, I will be able to provide a musebox)
+ Someone who can keep their character relatively In-Character.

Somethings about me:
+ My name is Yuuko, you can call me Yuu if you'd like.
+ I'm 21.
+ I'm female.
+ I have a lot of time/weird hours
+ I enjoy a wide range of things, from drawing to One Piece to music to writing.
+ My AIM is: Playthespades and my MSN is: firesburnatmidnight@hotmail.ca
+ I do write, my writing journal is temporarycross.

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