airi chan (airiairichan) wrote in hanayoridango,
airi chan

Matsujun and Oguri shun cameos! ♥

hey guys,so how was your reaction when you saw matsujun and oguri shun appear as Domyoji & Rui again ? well i couldnt control my amazing jun and shun are i must say,even after 10 years they fit into the character with such ease.I was disappointed that whole of Jun's face wasn't shown but they way Jun walked and talked reminded me of the same old domyoji and even oguri shun who's currently having long hair i dont know what magic he did to look like rui and his sleepy eyes were also the same..anyways I'm really happy that f4 had a reunion and the picture of f3 on Shota's instagram was taken by jun:D ..well im thankful to hana nochi hare & TBS for keeping our precious characters alive😄

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