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Hi, this is my first post here! I wanted to share some news that my friend tenshisama relayed to me about the Hana Yori Dango Manga and future volumes of Margaret magazine!

Put under a cut just in case because it has a tiny spoiler for the end of the manga series if you haven't read the end yet.

And I quote tenshisama:

"THIS JUST IN (6/8/06)

issue 15 of margaret will carry a special hana yori dango issue. there was a flyer thingy in the comic i'm reading now for it. 50 page yomikiri set a bit after the end of the original story line and is the reunion of the f4 and tsukushi. the freebie of the issue will be a hana yori dango pouch of sorts. looks like a pencil case.

issue 14 has no comic but the freebie will be a hana yori dango towel.

it is listed as a 50 page yomikiri so that means it's just a one-shot sorta thing."

Just wanted to share the good news! ^_^

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