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The Saturn Necklace ~ the hana yori dango livejournal community

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Saturn Necklace (the hana yori dango lj community)
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Saturn Necklace (~hanayoridango) is a LiveJournal community for all Hana Yori Dango fans -- whether you love the manga, anime, or the live-action (or all of them!), we'd love to hear your thoughts! Come join and discuss/share/ramble with us.

A few guidelines:
xx Please keep posts on-topic.
xx No flaming or otherwise offensive behavior.
xx If you're posting potential spoilers or huge images, please put them in an LJ-cut!
xx No advertising of other communities, unless HYD-related.
xx Please keep images you post, your language, and LJ icons used on your posts clean -- if you absolutely must post sensitive stuff, please do so in an LJ-cut, and with proper warning.

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